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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Justmeans - If we assemble the data for last 20 to 25 years on Energy and other Green Jobs it has a positive response in US and UK economy. It has certainly helped in many ways and on a large scale. Past, Present and Future are 3 terms to be used to work and study on any issue. These 3 terms will have the same questions like: How, When, Why, Who and Where, if we set these questions on Green Jobs considering Past, Present and Future data then automatically we will have a positive data on Energy and Green Jobs. Recently I have visited a lot on these types of sites for job search but the only simple, well designed, informative and easy to use site I found was Justmeans. I believe that green government economic policy do create jobs and sites like Justmeans & others help an individual as well as company to learn, communicate and search jobs related to Energy, CSR and other Green Jobs. I think Justmeans is the only site where any individual and companies come together to debate on CSR, Sustainability, Green Jobs, Social and Environmental And promote the Good Work.

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