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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Green Job funding is not the only liability of congress; it should be contributed by all of us as an individual and also as a group. Recently I have come across JustMeans site; it is the only one of such site which brings all companies and individuals together on one platform to discuss on CSR, Green Jobs, Networks, Events, Articles and Reports etc many in the list. JustMeans is very well designed, informative, refreshing and the most important easy to use, the best usability. I thank to justmeans team for such a wonderful concept. Even if we contribute a little towards society and environment then it also helps us in some or the other way, so please take the charge as a good citizen and do not depend on political funding. Financing is not the only one way to help, even our thoughts and ideas may improve the process of Green on a large scale and sites like JustMeans and others are the only way where we can share our ideas and discuss.


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