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Friday, January 2, 2009

In 1974-75, a splendidly bright fellow named John Kreidler figured out that artists were a highly unemployed and underemployed category in the workforce, and that these federal funds could be appropriately used to hire them to work in the community.

This was a really good work done by John Kreidler, someone has to take the initiative and work with the government for a certain group to get all the rights and benefits. I and my many such friend groups work at a corporate level but we are always in the motion and efforts of making others educate and aware of Global Warming, Green, Corporate Social Responsibility, Renewable Energy etc by different ways... Many of us are unaware what these type of industries do, how they work on CSR, Renewable energy, Global Warming, what are the ways of Waste Management and other things... we intensively searched more sites and we are successful of finding such kind of one site named as “JustMeans” … … JustMeans helps us to learn, share the knowledge, debate on the topics like Organic products, Green Jobs, Corporate Social Responsibility, Development, Energy and the Environment, Ethical Consumption, Politics and Governance, Social Investment, Social Media and Sustainable Business. We always educate and spread the benefit of all these to more and more people globally and also want others to do the same, so your one click can save the earth, so please click on for our people and our planet.

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