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Friday, January 16, 2009

Corporate Social Responsibility is thus only about two aspects:

1) Reducing the Negative Effects: Steps taken by a company to neutralize, minimize or offset the harmful effects caused by its processes and product-usage

2) Increasing the Positive Contributions: Further steps taken using its resources, core competence, skills, location and funds for the benefit of people and the environment

How, Where & What:

1) Private Schools & Colleges

- Getting Alumni to institute scholarships & prizes
- Offering space for training / classes / sports, etc.
- Adopting a local garden
- Encourage volunteering for topical causes
2) Housing Societies
- Suggesting solutions for local problems to govt & media
- Maintaining nearby public spaces, including footpaths
- Offering space in society (garage, etc.) for use for training /
classes. etc. and as a material collection cent re
3) Shops e.g.: Chemists
- Awareness posters of symptoms of different diseases
- Collecting & donating old medicines to charitable hospitals
- Offering discounted medicines for poor patients
4) Private Hospitals
- Creating a Patients’ Information Centre & Library
- Encouraging citizens to help accident victims by taking care of legal aspects of accidents / emergency cases
- Displaying “Patients and Doctors Bill of Rights & Responsibilities”
5) Movie Theatre / Multiplex/ Malls
- Screening of NGOs films
- Special shows for underprivileged groups
- Offering table space for NGOs
- Adopting a nearby garden / open space and maintaining it
6) Hotels and Restaurants
- Donate excess food responsibly to NGOs / Beggars.
- Compost organic waste
7) Media (TV, print, radio)
- Telecast/print profiles and achievements of NGOs / citizens
- Telecast/print social service messages along with advertisements
- Dedicated section on social & developmental issues, and for citizens’ dialogue / feedback

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